How to do Wine Oaking

Wine oaking is when you use oak chips or store wine in barrels and kegs that are made from oak tree. Cabernets, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chianti are some examples of oaked wines to name a few. Considering the type of oak that is used and the type of wine to oak, you will have a variety of interesting wine flavors.

Nowadays people prefer there own best wine aerator rather then this entire process.

The oak can give interesting aromas and flavors to your wines such as a cinnamon or vanilla blend to spices and aromatic flavors. Most wines that are made by French and Americans commonly use the oak method in their wines.

In old ages, preserving wine in an oak barrel traditionally does wine oaking. You will need to leave the wine inside the barrel for a certain period of time until you will get the aroma that you would want to achieve in your wine. The taste also varied on the type of oak barrel used. There was an option to use a charred barrel to give out smoky aroma to the wine or the regular oak barrel traditionally used. There was also the option to use a toasted barrel. Barrels nowadays are not too commonly used because it will require time for winemakers before they can sell the finished product.

Nowadays, modern winemakers use oak chips instead of putting the wines in oak barrels. In this case, it is less expensive and easier to do. You also have the option to use oak beans or oak powder aside from oak chips. Although oak chips are easily available in the market and are affordable, there are also disadvantages when you choose to use them in your wine. You will need to remove the oak chips from the wine bottle when you reached your goal of the type of aroma you want to achieve for your wine. This is made when the fermentation process is done.

The oak powder works well if you plan to use the oaking process when you are in the fermentation process in your wine making. When fermentation process is done, the oak powder will just sink down the bottom of your bottle container. You can do tests when oaking wine.

You can start with a small content of wine then when you achieve the desired taste, you can go ahead and oak wines in bulk. Be sure that you sanitize the chips if you will consider using oak chips for your wine just to be sure that it is bacteria-free and will not give a bitter or sour taste to your wine.

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